BIS Am Gch Ina Ch Kristari's A Fistful Of Dollars At Cosmos (Clint)
Am Ina Ch. Kristari's Son Of A Gun At Cosmos (Chester)
Am Ina Ch. Kristari's Catch Me If You Can (Catcher)
MBIS Ina Gch. Orbital's Pleasure Is All Mine (Bombom)
MBIS Can Ch. Am Gch. Kristari's On The Sly (Sly)
JWW'20 MBIS Slov Spain Jch. Am Ina Phil Ch. Kristari's Cut To The Chase (Chase)
MBIS Indian Ch. Centrifugal Force of Cosmos (Paco)
MBIS Kor Phil Thai Ina SEA Int Ch.Whitesunday's Special Edition (Rush)
Ina Ch. Orbital Cosmos Constance Vigilance (Holly)
Ina Jch. Cosmos Ode To A Nightingale (Venom)
Cosmos Cherokee Warrior at Aniwaya (Kyro)
Ina Ch. Mars Trooper Wayfarer Nickelite (Nickel)
MBIS Ina Sing Ch. Orbital's Magic Maker (Momo)
Sing Ch. Orbital Cosmos Intercontinental Flying Spur (Hudson)
Orbital's Pegasus Flying Over (Fly)
MBIS Ina Indian Ch. Orbital's Catching Fire (Camel)
Charismatic Authority of Cosmos (Marco)
Am Gch. Chromatic Abberation of Cosmos (Capri)