Aim to produce outstanding dogs in Health, temperament & conformation

About Us

We are a Siberian Husky Kennel located in Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia. Our kennel is 2,084m above sea level, the weather is a pleasant 14 – 25 degrees all year long.
Our kennel prefix Cosmos was born from my other passion, astronomy. It also represents that our dogs are part of my cosmos and every single one of them is unique and irreplaceable.
My love for the Siberian Husky breed started with a fateful coincidence. After i graduated college in 2012 i returned to my home country permanently and was looking to adopt a dog. By chance, we came across a blue eyed Siberian Husky that we named Snowbell. We started participating in dog shows and researching on the breed standard, long story short the ball started to roll. Until today, we are still active in breeding in a very limited amount and showing actively.
Our mission is to educate everyone about the Siberian Husky breed and ensure the owners of our dogs are equipped with knowledge of the breed. Our dogs are first and foremost our family and pets before they are show dogs.
Our Kennel is officially registered with Perkin (The All Indonesian Kennel Club) which is affiliated with FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), their pedigrees are recognized in all countries. We pay close attention to the genetic health of our dogs and we thoroughly screen potential homes. We are passionate in preserving this beloved breed and sharing what knowledge we have to those who seek to get to know this wonderful breed better.
We have made many wonderful friends by being in this beloved breed, feel free to introduce yourselves through the button link below.