Our girls

BISS Ina Ch. Cosmos Septimo Dia (Sunday)
Ina Ch. Kristari's Red Corvette (Cory)
JBISS JMBIS Thai Ina Ch. Orbital's Cherry Divine (Bubu)
Ina Ch. Kristari's Tug My Heartstrings (KT)
Orbital's Out Of Ur League (Bibi)
MBIS Ina Ch. Orbital's Silver Rayleigh (Raya)
Cosmos Cider With Rose O'Nymeria (Cider)
Russ Jch. Kristari's Black Voodoo Doll (Blackie)
Paragon's Greatest Giving (Gracie)
Am Ch. Kristari's Sharp Cheddar (Cheddar)
BISS Ina Ch. Orbital's Canis Majoris (Candy)
Highlander's In The Sky With Diamonds (Lucy)